Navigating Our Future (Part 6)


The 6th of 6 emails unveiling the 5 Guiding Principles LFA’s Governing Elders formed to discern big decisions for LFA’s future. Today, Guiding Principle #5: God’s commands call for faithful giving

Thank you for all of you who give to LFA. There are many reasons to give to your church in a way that is planned, regular, and even sacrificial. Which do you most identify with?

  • My giving connects me to the bigger story of what God is doing and what He will do in the future. When I give, I’m part of making a better future possible.
  • What I give is valuable to God — He sees and recognizes the value of my gift, no matter how small (Mark 12:41-44)
  • What I give is needed in my church. LFA is not supported by a few Powerball winners who give a lot, but by many who give a little regularly. When I give, I’m standing in solidarity with my brothers and sisters, believing in God’s mission through LFA.
  • Giving makes me joyful. When I release my money and give it away, I rejoice that I’m not in bondage to the worry, control, and all-too-frequent selfishness that drives me to spend what I have on myself.
  • God commands me to give a portion of my income, investing it in what is on His heart.
  • When I give to God first, not from what is left after all my expenses are paid, I get to see how God takes care of my needs.

I’d love to hear why you give. If you’re not a regular giver to LFA, please join us. Much of what God has for us in the future (reaching new people in new communities, starting new churches, and building a “home base” or “mission hub” for LFA) will happen when each of us, consistently (weekly, or monthly) sets aside a portion of what God has given us, and we all bring it before God as a costly act of worship. 


Pastor Nate (