Why Lake Champion?

  • "I came away from Lake Champion with a different attitude.  I could see and feel God and my love for Him changed. 

  • I am learning to not be a slave to what other people think.  I am overcoming fears and loneliness.  

  • I went deeper in my understanding and am putting trust in God.  

  • I am recovering from a cutting phase and from lying to myself.  I no longer have a hard heart." 

It is incredible every year that students give up an entire weekend to go away on the Lake Champion retreat to a camp in the mountains of New York.  Students (& Leaders) go with a high expectation of meeting with God, getting to know each other and having lots of fun.  Students and Leaders alike come back looking forward to the retreat next year.  God always does great things, but it seems like He does some very special things in the hearts of students at Lake Champion, like the stories above.

If you, your senior, or junior high student would like to attend Lake Champion.  Please contact Pastor Chris at 856-696-3444 or .  You can also register your teenager (7-12th Grade) here.