Why does LFA focus on NCA?


NCA - North and Central Asia - is one of the regions with the greatest level of spiritual poverty on planet Earth.  99.9% of the people living there don’t know Jesus - and have no one in their life who could lovingly enter into a conversation with them about the good news of Jesus Christ.

99.9% - That means there are more than 420 million people (that's like all of the US and  Mexico combined!!!) in the NCA region who have never heard that Jesus saves!  And God cares for each one.

As a church, we want to enthusiastically partner with the Christian and Missionary Alliance to lovingly move toward these unreached, unengaged people, giving them, by God’s grace, access to the Gospel.

Every year, as you give to Missions, LFA is able to send on tens of thousands of dollars to ministry in NCA. This Sunday, I will be interviewing Steve & Crick, International Workers in Russia, who over these past few years have ministered to Central Asians. I hope you will be with us.

Pastor Nate