The bloody death of a helpless victim


Salvation for all who will trust in the death of Jesus, the Lamb of God, is what makes the Christian faith unique among all the religions of the world. No other religion would command people to put all their hope in the bloody death of a helpless victim. And true freedom from all that enslaves us is found only as we soak in the truth of the cross of Christ.  For such reasons, Passion Week is the most important week of the Christian calendar. 

To help you focus on Christ from Palm Sunday to Easter, take advantage of what’s available at LFA:

  • Daily Devotional Guidedownload or pick up this Sunday
  • Good Friday Service (6pm, CCS, for child care infant-3yrs, contact the church office)
  • Sunrise Service (6:15am, LFL)
  • Easter Sunday Celebration (9&11am): celebrating the power of Jesus’ resurrection!

May you see Jesus better,

Pastor Nate