Navigating Our Future (Part 4)


The 4th of 6 emails unveiling the 5 Guiding Principles LFA’s Governing Elders formed to discern big decisions for LFA’s future. Today, Guiding Principle #3: God’s gifts require wise stewardship

God holds people accountable for what He has given them (Matthew 25:14-30). We have received so much: time, spiritual gifts, money, talents, possessions, intellectual and artistic potential, even property and buildings. And in it all, God expects us to remember where it came from, to think of it with proper perspective, and to not squander the gifts nor allow them to fall into disrepair. The Bible makes it clear stewardship is required of individuals, families, churches, and even nations (Luke 12:48).

As Governing Elders, we take serious the responsibility to steward well what God has entrusted to us through those who have given to LFA, and we recognize God will hold us accountable for what we do with what He’s given. This Guiding Principle serves as a means to sort through the many ideas that come to us as we think about building a “home base” or “Mission Hub” for LFA. Specifically, we have determined to not make decisions that could lead us to significant loss of the net investment in our current facilities (approximately $1.7 million). And given the trend of decreased property values, we will not seek to sell and leave our current building, baring the miraculous provision of another facility along with a sense of near-unanimous peace to obtain it. That is our understanding of our third Guiding Principle. Holding that along with the first two, God’s Mission is our highest priority and God’s leadership gives us hope, I hope you can begin to see how God is granting increased wisdom for our leaders. Please pray for us. Next week, Guiding Principles #4: God’s methods include strategic planning.


Pastor Nate (