"What good reason is there to change our service times?" Here are three:


Children: 20 years from now, our children won’t remember every lesson they heard on Sunday, but I can guarantee they WILL remember the leaders who knew them and loved them. For that reason, low teacher-child ratios are important to us. By changing our service times, we will bring balance to the class sizes in both services, allowing for more up-close ministry to our kids.

Guests: Last Sunday a new couple with a baby in a stroller walked into second service and found no place to sit. They had to awkwardly stand in the back until we could ask people to move to create space. Changing our service times will bring better balance to the attendance in both services, allowing us to welcome guests better.   

Volunteers: Every Sunday we have volunteers who lead worship and set up our worship space, who get out of bed (on their day off) ridiculously early to show up at CCS as early as 6:45. We want the volunteer experience to be a blessing, and I’m certain volunteers will feel blessed by bumping back our service time by 30 minutes.

So, I guess you could say we are changing our service times because we love children, guests and our volunteers.

We love you, too! See you this Sunday a half hour later, 9 & 11am. 

Pastor Nate 
P.S. Don't forget it's daylight savings time, so move your clocks ahead on Saturday night.