Remarkable Diversity

On Sunday we explored the vital link between the impact of the Gospel and thenotable diversity of a church. After, I received this email from Jeany. Many of you know her, some may not. Being one of the first non-white to be part of LFA, she has an interesting perspective on our progress. I hope you find it encouraging. 


21 yrs ago, when we came to Living Faith (back then it was called Vineland CMA), besides my husband Charles, there were only two black people, Luke and Virginia. And along with my brother Ish and his wife Annie, we were the only Hispanics. I say this because I’m often asked, "How did you end up at LFA?” 

I grew up in a Spanish Pentecostal church and Charles knew no Spanish, so we couldn't raise our kids there. But I was completely against “black church." When Ish invited us to LFA, it felt very awkward for me, a single mother, to be around so many white people with my black boyfriend, my Spanish daughter, and my dark-skinned step son. Talk about baggage and nothing in common!!! 

What made it amazing though was it wasn't awkward for the "old lily-white" church. They loved our dark skinned, curly haired babies like their own grand kids. They didn't try to rebuke demons from us or even question our reasoning for coming, We were SIMPLY LOVED WHERE AND HOW WE WERE! 

I share this because Charles and I often love to just look around and see so many differences in us but with one huge thing in common- JESUS!!!!! We are responsible now to give others permission and to show them what love looks likes in spite of our differences.  


May we live lives worthy of the Gospel of Christ, standing firm in one spirit, with one mind striving side by side for the faith of the Gospel (Philippians 1:27).

Pastor Nate