LFA By-The-Numbers

Number sometimes give us a quick glance at some of what God is up to. 

     534 … Average number of people who gather together as a church each Sunday
   1,929 ... People who are personally or financially connected to LFA as their church
27,000 ... Individual occurrences of worshiping together on Sunday mornings this
       92 … Setup/breakdown volunteers each month
        11 … Pastorates (families of missionary servants) that gather every two weeks
       92 … Average number children we minister to each Sunday morning
       28 … People who minister to those children every Sunday morning
     200 … Children who participated in 2014 Summer Ministry Camps
          5 … Central Asian Muslims who received Jesus as their Savior in November
                 through the ministry LFA supports in Russia
 39,305 … LFA website page views this year
 697,116 … YTD Dollars given in 2014 to support these ministries

Thank Jesus with me for what He is doing! We need to raise an additional $10,490 beyond our regular giving to end the year strong. Thanks for giving.
Pastor Nate