It’s not how you start but finish that counts

Potential is nothing more than that — what could be. What counts is what is.

When Paul wrote to his dear friends the letter we know as Philippians, he wanted them to finish well… he wanted to make sure they didn’t get side tracked from the great start they had in following Jesus. They had been a unique source of joy for Paul — no other church had partnered with Paul in spreading the Gospel like this church. These were the people he said he loved and longed for; they were his joy and crown. But Paul, writing in chains from his prison, is concerned the current divisions over “small stuff” might derail this church from what is truly Big — the Gospel.

Like me, you too have probably noticed that it’s way too easy for petty things to side track you from what really counts. And for that reason, we want to study Paul’s letter to the Philippians. 

Get in on the journey from the beginning. Join with us this Sunday.


Pastor Nate