Worshiping through Taste of Mission

Next weekend is Taste of Mission, it's an opportunity to get a “taste” of what living on mission is like. Why though, you may ask? Why would we focus so much on being the church outside the walls we usually gather in? To help answer this, consider these words from Pastor Nate's teaching on worship two years ago:

"Worship is by nature expressive — not suppressive. Worship is a verb — something you do. Worship is NOT something you watch. Worship is NOT something you attend, it isn’t spectator, but participation. Worship isn’t something happening on the stage — but where the stage IS the congregation."

Taste of Mission is a unique opportunity to reveal what God is like, to express worship for Jesus by participating in what He is doing and wants to do in our neighborhoods. We get to worship by serving. If you haven't signed onto a project you can do so here, there is something for everyone.

We are still gathering together for one service next Sunday morning Oct 19th at9am. Both to celebrate projects that have already happened and to worship with those about to go out. Regardless of what your plans are, all of us will be blessed to be active in expressing how worthy God is. Plan to come at 8:15am if you want to linger over a continental breakfast together. 

Pastor Matthew (mrudd@lfachurch.org)