Sunday's Faux Offering


Thanks to all who participated in our little tithing experiment. Here are the results. To bring those of you who weren’t there up to speed, last Sunday, we asked people to anonymously fill out a pretend blank check, writing down how much their tithe (10% of their weekly income) would be. 

  • In the first service, 95 people responded and their total potential weekly tithe was $8,267.45
  • In the second service, 109 people responded with a total of $10,212.86.
  • The grand total from both services was $18,480.31

It’s interesting when you compare that total to our actual weekly budget needed of $12,658. If God would free just those 204 people (not including the many others who are part of LFA who didn't respond) to tithe, giving would increase 46% (or $300,000), raising our annual income to nearly $1,000,000. Imagine the multiplied world-wide blessing that could happen as a result.

I truly believe there is something deep inside us that WANTS to tithe. We want our life, including our money, to count for Jesus’ eternal Kingdom. We want to be released from what robs us, that financially enslaves us. Would you pray that God would set us free and we would be able to joyfully invest our tithe consistently.

Pastor Nate (