4's & 5's Parent Minute- July 2016

July 2016

What’s going on with... the 4’s and 5’s??

A newsletter for parents of 4 and 5 year olds





From the 4-5 year old classroom:            

Hey Parents!

This month, in July, we'll be studying these stories with your kids on Sunday mornings: God chooses Ruth to be part of His family (Ruth 1-4), God rejects Saul because of Saul’s disobedience and chooses David as king of Israel (I Sam 13:5-14, 15-16:13), The Lord delivers Israel from the Philistines (I Sam 17: 1-54), The ark of God is holy (II Samuel 6-7), and David breaks God’s commandments and repents (9 Sam 11-12, Psalm 51). This month, maybe read one of these stories as a family after dinner time.

Here are the teachers who will be with your 4-5 year old in June:

1st service: Karla Laws and Tom Pagels

2nd service: Karen Martine, Sara Seabock, and Mia Toscani.

We've been looking (and crying out to God) for more people who will help out in the 4-5 classroom. If you're AT ALL interested, please email Sharon Howard (showard@lfachurch.org) or grab her when you see her in the children's lobby area. We'd be so happy to have you volunteer!


Hey Parents!  Here’s an Idea to Try!

How’s it going with doing this whole ‘Live on Mission as a Family in the Summer’ thing?? Even if it’s easy to forget, you can jump right back into it! If you haven’t made a list with your family of people who don’t know God, make it this week! Then put that list on your dining room table and pray together for those people a couple times a week. Let your 4-5 year old choose someone to pray for. If they don’t know how to pray, give them words: “God, let your love come to….” or “God, ‘so-and-so’ is LOST. Would you help them to be FOUND?”

Check out these important dates &    

stick ’em on your calendar today:    

  • New 1st Grader Parent Gathering: July 31, 11am, Rm 128

  • LFA Camp: August 1-5

  • 4 Year Old Parent Gathering: August 14, 11am, Rm 128

  • 2 Year Old Parent Gathering: August 21, 11am, Rm 128

  • Parent Summit: November 19     


And how about some blogs to read?????

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  • The IPad Is Stealing My Son’s Childhood A Mom’s concerns and proactive steps to consider the effect technology is having on her son’s development


  • Parents, You Can’t Build Heaven Here A good reminder of our tendency to forget eternity and ‘build heaven here’ for our kids http://www.desiringgod.org/articles/parents-you-can-t-build-heaven-here