Lindsay Thompson

Women’s Discipleship Coordinator


I am a wife and mother of two. Both me and my husband work outside of the home and most days you can find us transporting our children to various activities, cheering on the sidelines of some sporting event, or tackling the chores of the house in preparation for a newly approaching workweek.  

It can feel really exhausting and confusing at times. I’m sure that much of this sounds familiar to many women, and that’s why I’m so passionate about helping women connect to the living, breathing God who cares about and sees each and every woman.

My desire as coordinator of women’s discipleship is for women to have a clear sense of God-given purpose and identity in their lives that would lead toward increased freedom. Freedom to pursue a more intimate relationship with Jesus, to be developed in their specific gifts and talents, and to be developed and deployed into leadership roles for the edification of the body of Christ.

My responsibilities include:

  • Helping women get connected into discipling relationships and to the discipleship process.

  • Helping women to connect with environments and resources so that they can discern and develop their gifts and talents and give them expression within the body of Christ.

  • Hearing what God is putting on the hearts of women at LFA and strategically implementing initiatives where women would be called into further discipleship and leadership development.

  • Creating and leading women’s events that bring women to a place where they are experiencing the gospel through authentic relationships, the presence of God, missional living, and the formation of healthy households.