LENT 2019

The Lent season is a very important time of year for Christians. This year we want to Treasure Jesus - INTENTIONALLY - for 40 days. Below you will find the resources we are encouraging you to use as an individual, with friends, with family, and with the church body.

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Why Lent?

We believe devoting some time and energy to understanding and observing Lent can be profoundly good for our souls and our families. Here is a resource that will help prepare you with a good answer if someone asks you about why you would celebrate lent.

Special Events

This year we have several special Lent focused gathering that we would love for you and your family and friends to be part of. Please feel free to invite others to join you for these events.

Ash Wednesday Service
March 6
7:00pm (No Childcare*)

Palm Sunday Services -
April 14
9:00am & 11:00am

Maundy Thursday Service
April 18
7:00pm (No Childcare*)

Good Friday Service
April 19
7:00pm (Childcare for 4 & Under)

Easter Sunday
April 21
6am Sunrise Service,
9:00am & 11:00am Celebration Services**

*The lobby will have a live stream of the services. Parents are welcome to use this space to watch their kids and still be present for the services.
**Special events for children through 5th grade will be offered during the 9 & 11am services

Special Resources

All Church Bible Reading Plan

We’re asking everyone to participate together in an all church bible reading plan during Lent. We would love to see 100% participation in this event.

To participate follow these steps:

  1. Open a free Bible.com account. You can also download the Bible App from YouVersion on your phone/tablet.

  2. Add “Living Faith Bible Plan” to your friends

  3. Join the event and start the plan..

  4. Use this Spotify playlist to go along with the daily readings of the plan.
    (Free Account required)

Daily Reflections

We recommend "Fifty Reasons Why Jesus came to Die" by John Piper. Jesus came to die for our sins, but there is so much more he accomplished through his sacrifice. This resource will ground you deeper into the many reasons Jesus came to die. Click here for a free download.


During the Ash Wednesday and Maundy Thursday services, we will be serving communion. (Note: Is your child almost ready to take communion for the first time? See this helpful guide to prepare them before these events take place. 

Family Devotions

One excellent tool to help celebrate lent as a family is called "Lent in a Box”. You can purchase this resource at FamilyMinistryTools.org.

Please share other ideas you have in either of family ministry groups for Parenting Kids and Parenting Teens..