Our vision is to assist the healing, restoration and transformation of people's lives through the resources of the Holy Spirit, Biblical principles and a supportive community.


I need financial/ material help 

Whether you are falling behind or having difficulty meeting the basic needs of daily life, or you need assistance in designing a budget and a plan for using your resources better, you can lean on the ministry of our deacons. For more information, contact our head deacon Kim Zimmerman or through our church office at 856.696.344.

I need prayer 

At LFA we value your needs and concerns and are always ready to pray God’s presence, power and wisdom over every situation you may be facing. There are a few ways you can receive prayer and offer prayer to others. Follow this link or email us at prayer@lfachurch.org

I need to talk to someone

Living Faith Alliance Church has four pastoral staff member and also houses three non-staff professional Christian counselors. In addition, we also provide services and training designed to help you navigate through difficult times in your life and to teach you to steward your skills and resources in fruitful ways for the glory of God. To request a pastoral appointment, email us here. Find out more about pursuing a professional counselor.