God Stories

We like to share what's happening in our relationship with Jesus. We describe moments in spiritual journey as God Stories. Below are a few God Stories of some things that have been happening at Living Faith. For up-to-date and current God Stories, please check out our God Stories Facebook page.

Omie's Home

At our Omie's Home Taste of Mission Fundraiser we raised $3541.00 last night! The music was great and the spirit of everyone was just amazing. I did not get an official count but there were less than 100 people there. What a blessing the evening was. I do believe it was the best we ever did!  Can't wait til next year!

Pastoral Care

I just want to thank Pastor Nate and Pastor Greg for inspiring me and guiding me closer to Jesus. It was truly a work of God to bring me to LFA. I also want to thank the entire LFA congregation. I consider them all family as I do my own wife and children. They have accepted me without prejudice or opinion of my past. I am grateful. I was baptized Sunday September 6. I now consider this date to be my birthday. Thank you again to LFA.

So yesterday

Nate talked about the diversity of the church being important to the mission God has for us. And LFA is a diverse church and for the most part has done a great job at using that diversity to better the church. I have been struggling for the past few years on the lack of programing for the career driven woman, or even mentioning of a single woman instead of wives and mothers. I have gone through anger, and feelings of something being wrong with me, but then God lead me to talk about it, and not hold it in, and lead people to me from in the church who encouraged me to do something about it. And by sticking it out and talking about it God has blessed me with women who support me, (and men too) and women to start a Bible study with. We are diverse in the stages of life we are coming from but we all have a heart for God and longing to be in the Word together and that is what is important. AMEN!

-- Stephanie

Praise Jesus!!

Just wanted to share this God Story/Sighting with my fellow family members...this week, I was blessed by a surprise visit from my Pastorate leader, Greg Hill. He called out of the blue to tell me that someone wanted to send dinner to me and my son. I have been absent from church for a while between working and struggling with major anxiety, which has been keeping me homebound unless an outing is absolutely necessary. Because of this visit, I was able to receive some prayer and words of comfort in my home, and mustered up the courage to attend services this morning. This was definitely God's hand. He knew just what I needed in order to make me feel safe enough to leave my house to attend this morning's service. Pastore Nate Howard's message on embracing what it is to be human was exactly what I needed to hear, especially since I struggle a lot with my limitations. Again, more confirmation for me that there was a larger purpose that set the wheels in motion for this morning. Praise Jesus!!



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