I can't really believe that God has so graciously given me all that He has. I've been in Church ministry for a total of Eight years. Along with my amazing team we planted Glasstown church in February of 2016. I am driven by the idea that there are people who are far from God, but close to God's people. I deeply desire to see people who aren't followers of Jesus, meet Him, be captivated by him, and choose to follow him. I'm married to the love of my life Katie-Jean. She is a school teacher. Her love for Jesus and his people still amazes me today. I'm always game to talk sports. I'm most recently from Nebraska, and I love everything to do with the cornhuskers. GO BIG RED! 

Some of my responsibilities:

  • Planning and implementation of the Glasstown church service.

  • Carry the heart for the preaching of God's word at Glasstown

  • Carry the heart for the presence of God in all Glasstown services and ministries.

  • Identify, train and equip leaders who will train and equip volunteers.

  • Responsible for all training, equipping and releasing of Pastorates (Small groups) at Glasstown church, Living Faith and Christ Community church.

  • Oversee ministry teams and leaders.

  • Disciple people in the way of Jesus.

  • Leader of Adopt-A-Block

  • And everything else that goes along with being a pastor.