Governing Elders >

Duties of Governing Elders according to the LFA Guiding Principles: "The Governing Elder Board shall be responsible to preserve the purpose, doctrine, and affiliation of the church, while at the same time giving maximum freedom and support, and accountability to the Senior Pastor and the Pastors Team to implement ministries and structures of the church as needed to fulfill our mandate to make disciples of Jesus Christ who make disciples of Jesus Christ. The role of the Governing Elder Board is to work out appropriate Guiding Principles with the Senior Pastor and to hold the Senior Pastor accountable to achieve the mission and respect the boundaries defined by those Guiding Principles."

Our church is blessed to have five men who serve as Governing Elders. Charlie Caldwell, Frank Geremia, Walt Hayman, Dave Jones, and Frank Medio meet about 10 times over the year to evaluate LFA's effectiveness in fulfilling our vision and establish vision and budget priorities for each year. 

Ministering Elders >

Our Ministering Elders are appointed by the Pastors Team and are accountable to our Senior Pastor. Presently, Chris Laws, Greg Hill, Hap Hyson, Matthew Rudd, Ken Hill, Caleb Howard, Joel Howard, Diego Cuartas and Kim Zimmerman serve as our ministering elders.

Their function is to serve as spiritual shepherds to guide us and our community in these aspects:

  • Addressing crisis/ conflict/discipline cases 
  • Interviewing prospects for baptism and membership 
  • Altar prayer coordination for each service on Sunday 
  • Training committed individuals on altar prayer support 
  • Regular intercession prayer time prior to our services each Sunday 
  • Prayer and anointing individuals and families throughout the year. 
  • Each elder is bringing leadership to a specific area of ministry in our church!
  • As elders we desire to solidify our support to the widowed, shut-ins, and elderly, continue training elders in areas of interpersonal ministry, and align our leadership with the overall thematic goal of our church.