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We believe there is a process that every individual must go through.  It's a process that is all about Jesus and becoming like Him.  It's called discipleship. Discipleship takes place through a small group experience for personal growth using the disciplines of prayer, confession, and scripture reading.



  "...train yourself to be godly"
                                          1 Timothy 4:7


A Discipleship Group is for someone who wants to become more like Jesus and be part of the exciting adventure of helping others to know God and become more like Jesus, Romans 8:29. 

  • Hungry: is to be humble, ready to receive and repentant knowing that you are broken this puts you in a position to be hungry for what God has for you through his word and also through the other members of your Discipleship Group. 
  • Commitment to the process: You have to be willing to do what you say you are going to do. You are committing to the others in your group. Most importantly you are committed to growing in Jesus and reproducing that life in others.

How Many People and How Long?

An Discipleship Group is made up of two to three people of the same gender (ideally, from the same pastorate)  who meet for 60-90 minutes weekly or bi-weekly.  The Discipleship Group embraces growing in the 12 habits of discipleship, putting each member in position to receive the Life Transforming work of the Holy Spirit. 



Discovering & Treasuring Jesus happens through a combination of these four steps. 

  • Discover Jesus through His Church
  • Discover Jesus as true Savior
  • Discovering Jesus in Scripture
  • Discovering Jesus in worship

Follow Jesus Into Every Area of Life happens through a combination of these four steps.

  • Following Jesus in friendships
  • Following Jesus in family
  • Following Jesus to freedom
  • Following Jesus in stewardship

Go, Reveal Jesus happens through a combination of these four steps.

  • Revealing Jesus with your story
  • Revealing Jesus with your gifts and talents
  • Revealing Jesus by discipling another
  • Revealing Jesus through mission


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