Diego Cuartas

Healing & Restoration Pastor


I have the privilege to oversee the healing, restoration, mercy and prayer ministries at LFA. Though these are broad categories, I am regularly encouraged as I see God at work in the lives of people through the ministry of Celebrate Recovery, counselors, elders, deacons, deaconesses, and our prayer teams. I am deeply delighted when I get to experience, alongside others, the presence of God and the manifestation of His Kingdom in our situations! Personally, I enjoy watching a good movie with my wife.

My Responsibilities:

  • Oversee crisis assistance, care of the hurt/needy, and healing.

  • Identify, receive, assign, coordinate, and follow-up on requests for assistance.

  • Plan and manage programs and volunteers/staff for Celebrate Recovery, Counseling, Altar Prayer, Ministering Elders, Deacons/ Deaconesses, and Prayer Chain.

  • Infuse value of prayer in whole church.

  • Administer counseling assistance and other assistance funds.