We were made to live under the counsel of God, and therefore we need to surround ourselves with voices that carry His counsel into our lives. By nature, says counselor and author Paul Tripp, we are “interpreters” of every situation or fact, but one of our problems is that we don’t always interpret life correctly. This means we always need counsel. Furthermore, there are times in life when we need help working through challenging issues and circumstances.

Though our pastoral staff is not committed to long term counseling, we refer those who seek biblical counseling to counselors, including the ones listed below, each with a private counseling practice that has individual fee-based sessions.


As counselors they can help with:

  • Eating disorders

  • Physical abuse

  • Conflict resolution

  • Personal identity issues

  • Any kind of personal losses

  • Spiritual life

  • Marital problems or divorce

  • Family conflict, teen rebellion

  • Depression, grief or anxiety

  • Singles' issues


Thor Knutstad

MA in Counseling, Biblical Theological Seminary
Licensed & Ordained Pastor

Thor, director/counselor of Personal Counseling Solutions, is pastorally and professionally trained to encourage, nurture, counsel, direct and comfort individuals, couples and families. Thor maintains offices in NJ and PA, working closely with pastors and local churches.  



Tammy Vaughn

MA in Counseling, Eastern University

Life Seasons Counseling Services mainly focuses on helping children, youth and families deal with mental health and behavioral issues. The treatment is individually geared toward each client, with the client participating in the creation of their goals. While the treatment is Biblically based, Life Seasons is dedicated to meeting each client wherever they are spiritually.  


CHristian counseling & educational foundation (CCEF)

CCEF is the Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation which offers trained biblical counselors and educational resources designed to help individuals and churches grow into what God has design for them to be.

At CCEF, "We believe that the Bible speaks to all of life’s issues. Therefore, we apply a Christ-centered worldview to these problems and have seen the Spirit at work. Examples of issues that we regularly counsel include marriage and family issues, depression, eating disorders, sexual abuse, pornography, anxiety, and addictions."


LFAC is committed to support people as they seek healing and restoration. We also do this by offering counseling financial assistance as we are able to or on a case by case basis. Given our limited funds, we do give priority to individuals and families already connected to our church. For more information contact Pastor Diego Cuartas at 856.696.3444


DEACONS: the deacons at LFAC are appointed to serve the church body and the community in the areas of financial hardship and stewardship of resources. They administer a benevolence fund that is replenished through the general giving of people at LFAC for the benefit of our local community. Whether you are falling behind or having difficulty meeting the basic needs of daily life or you need assistance in designing a budget and a plan for use your resources better, you can lean on the ministry of our deacons. For more information contact our head deacon Kim Zimmerman through our church office 856.696.3444.