Helping a Church Family

A family in our church is getting a house ready to move in--mom and 4 kids. Jayme Carter and her children will be moving soon into their new home. We can Join Pastor Tony Wilson, her dad, get this house ready. All able bodies welcome!

Dates: Saturday and Sunday November 17-18. (or help for any time you can!)

Begins Saturday 8:00AM at 2741 Perna Lane in Vineland ,off of E. Sherman Avenue.

Project Tasks:

  • sanding and light prep

  • painting inside the house (all the rooms and bathrooms)

  • cleaning 

  • treating mold in basement

  • raking leafs

  • painting exterior basement door

Support Needs:

  • provide and setup breakfast

  • provide and setup lunch

  • hospitality

  • potential opportunity to pray for neighbors

If you would like to help, sign up using the button below.