Celebrate Recovery


Celebrate Recovery or (CR) is a Christ-centered recovery program. It provides a safe and confidential environment where we pursue and celebrate God’s healing power & freedom in our lives. This program is for anyone whose life is tangled up with hurts that fill their hearts, hang-ups that cause them pain, or habits that keep them enslaved to destructive or lifeless patterns. In CR, healing is accomplished through applying the principles of a Christ-centered program with the help of a safe and supportive community.

How do I Join? 

Join us on Tuesday nights at 6:30pm for our open meeting, newcomers orientation and open share groups. Men and women are welcomed. Celebration Station (children's program) is offered to children ages 0 through 4th grade, and a parent or guardian is required to attend.

To sign up or for questions, please contact us at 856.362.4405 or email us.

Find a group near you by using the group locator here.

Who can come?

  • Anyone 19 years old and up!

  • Anyone hurting or struggling in life.

  • Anyone interested in taking an honest look to patterns or pain in their life and to consider a path of healing. 

  • Anyone recognizing that there are issues in their life that keep hijacking good intentions.

  • Anyone ready to address realities that are hindering their growth as disciples of Jesus Christ.

  • Anyone ready to walk through the steps and principles promoted by CR by participating in a Step Study.

What to expect?

When you visit CR for first time, you will be welcomed and ushered to participate in our large group session, which will be followed up by a newcomers orientation. During this orientation you will be introduced to the main aspects of CR, and you will be able to ask any questions you may have about our program. At the end of the orientation you will be encouraged to participate in an open share group that will fit your situation or needs the best.

Learn more by visiting the national Celebrate Recovery website.


Open Share Groups

Compulsive Behaviors and Addiction
(Groups for Men & for Women)
This group is for individuals who find that an addictive or compulsive behavior has taken control of their lives. Particular focus will be given to substance and chemical addictions. Join us as we share the hope and freedom that Jesus Christ, our Higher Power, has given us to overcome these life struggles.

Challenging Emotions
(Groups for Men & for Women)
This group is for individuals who struggle with fear, anger, depression, guilt, grief and relational codependency. Participants learn how to express their own feelings and needs in healthy ways while discovering their identity in Christ and growing in hope.

Sexual Struggles & Addictions
(Men's Group)
This is a group for men seeking recovery from lust and compulsive sexual behaviors. It provides a safe place to share struggles, pain and victories, and helps to establish accountability and mutual support among the group members throughout the week.

Physical, Emotional and Sexual Abuse
(Women's Group)
This group is for women who have endured past physical, sexual, emotional or spiritual abuse. Recovery includes healing from the trauma done to us, as well as healing from the influence that these past experiences continue to have in our lives.