How Big?

My sweet almost-5 Carter found two dead bugs on a window- sill. He brought them to me.

“Look, Mom-Mom! Look at their little legs! Aren’t they cute? Awwwww … They’re so cute, Mom-Mom!”

I’m not too fond of bugs, dead or alive, but he loved them, and wanted to keep them, so I of course allowed him to keep them on my window- sill. He was happy.

“They’re all dead! Will they go to heaven?” I sincerely hoped not, but I allowed as how they were made by God and God would decide. That satisfied him, and he came back several times to see them.

But I was left thinking about the fact that God had indeed made them, and had given them life as only He is able to do. Their tiny legs (so cute to Carter), and their beautifully designed under-wings, and their unique digestive system, and their tiny, tiny eyes  ----  all this for a lifespan of just a few days, to end up a treasure on a little boy’s window- sill.

And then I thought about the eggs they developed from, and how all of God’s creatures grew from eggs. And I was again overwhelmed by the Mind that designed the eggs and wrote within them all of the instructions on how to grow and what to be. I thought about our DNA and our brains and how there are parts of our bodies, and our brains, which we still don’t understand.

I have long loved thinking about what fun it must have been for Jesus to pick colors for all the birds, and for all the flowers, and animals, and everything else on this glorious earth He made for us to enjoy.

And I thought about that question, “How big is your God?”

Our God, who spoke into being all the intricacies of our human bodies, and the three stomachs a cow needs, and the way our earth moves around the sun; how can we belittle Him?

How can we ever doubt him, or think we can ever have a problem too big for Him to handle? Here we are, mere created creatures who because of His love for us have been given the fantastic privilege of being able to talk, actually TALK, to the Being who designed and created not only us but so much more than we can even begin to understand!

O Christians, trust Him! He is so completely, totally able! I know that sometimes the answers don’t come when we think they should, and may not be the answers we wanted, but God is there, seeing everything, forgiving everything and loving you more than you have ever been loved.


—Norma Stockton