Like Them or Like Him?

It seems to me these days that Christians are just too caught up in culture.  


We look and dress - like them.  

We speak - like them.  

We relate - like them.  

We work - like them.  

We use resources - like them.  

We worship the clock - like them.  

We buy and invest - like them.  

We run about aimlessly - like them.  

We exhaust ourselves for nothing - like them.  

We love the wrong things - like them.  

We fear everything - like them.  

We forget we are but flesh - like them.  

We focus on self - like them.  

We crave likes and opinions and comments - like them.  

We live for approval and approve of many sins - like them.  

We don't distinguish between good and evil - like them.  

We ignore the biblical Scriptures, God's useful Word - like them.  

We forget or ignore the Gospel, Good News of hope - like them.  

We refuse to risk for the greater err of caution - like them.  

We grumble and gossip - like them.   

We want our ears tickled - like them.  

We want more in discontent - like them.  

We live deluded and in delusions - like them.  

We live in feelings and wrongly define love - like them.  

We live imperfect lives while demanding perfection.  

We reject real authority - like them.  

We challenge the attribute of God’s Sovereignty and elevate human freedom - like them.  

We demand that things make sense and leave no room for faith - like them.  

We demonize and worship sexuality - like them.  

We ignore the reality of evil and the devil, who is called Satan the Accuser - like them.  

We don't make first things first and secondary things second - like them.  

We pray like we are talking to the restaurant server who will hear us and bring us what's on the menu - like them.  

We refuse wise counsel and forsake godly discernment - like them.  

We create indebtedness with others instead of forgiving many wrongs - like them.  

We are ruled by technology, communications, and QQF (Quality Quantity Faster) - like them.  

We crave deeper friendships, but we don't know how to be a friend - like them.  

We aim for nothing and hit targets we never intended to - like them.  

We want to be known and noticed and seen - like them.  

We want safety and security with freedom - like them.  

We want affirmation and encouragement and "nicely spoken sensitive things" prophesied to us - like them.  

We want God to bless us, but we aren't positioned for blessing - like them.  

We scurry in the stress of daily living and miss real Sabbath rest - like them.  

We want things here on earth to work the way they should, but we forget the future hope of heaven - like them.  

We lead like the world does while ignoring godly leadership models - like them.  

We manipulate circumstances and people and yet say we trust God - like them.  

We exact excessive interest (usury) and tax burdens that make people slaves to things they should not be - like them.  

We tolerate things we should not - like them.  

We trust naively and yet forsake real trust - like them.  

We build things on sand, not on Rock - like them.  

We want pleasures and food and experiences that drive us away from a sad burdened life and misdefine real joy - like them.  

We dishonor our parents - like them.  

We make decisions without real God consideration - like them.  

We believe things that have no real basis of authority - like them.  

We like winning now and miss the point of 'losing now' for greater gain - like them.  

We make idols and images of things that just ought not be, missing the heart of many matters - like them.  

We won't speak the name of Christ Jesus - like them.  We refuse to reject false religions - like them.

We want peace at any cost, and the price to pay is a deeper, hotter hell - like them.  

We act surprised that the enemy is in our camp when our walls were not shored up - like them.  

We reject missions impossible because the LORD isn't built into the impossible equation - like them.  

We forget what God has called us to and trade it for a lesser, unbiblical vision - like them.  

We lower shields of faith and expect flaming missiles not to hit vitals - like them.  

We refuse to deal with sin, and that little yeast works though the whole dough - like them.  

We walk in pride and forget that the LORD is able to humble any man - like them.  

We refuse hope in patient endurance, and demand that today be reconciled without seeing eternal life - like them.  

We ignore the very Word(s) of the Living God and wonder why it doesn't seem like He has much else to say - like them.  

Be not like them brothers and sisters.  For you are not like them.  


This is not a treatise on rules or legalism.  It's simply a reminder of what we look like - to them.  Oh that we would reflect the Savior and emanate His Life, His Love, and His Way.  And that others ("them") would join with us as followers of Christ. And oh that we would reflect His image to a dying world void of resurrection and that we would not be ashamed of Him, our Jesus.  For when we are distinctly but imperfectly sanctified, the world takes notice.  They see first things, real vertical trust, and the Gospel.  What do they hear?  What do they see on display?  Be (and become more) like Him.  It's the Gospel on display.  And it's the only way.

-Thor Knutstad