Does God Save Just to Bless Me?

(By Diego Cuartas)

I was reading some passages from the Bible the other day and came across Psalm 85:9. I could not help but read it again and again to grasp what is being said there. 

"Surely his [God's] salvation is near to those who fear him, that glory may dwell in our land." 

What grabbed my attention is the idea that when God acts favorably on behalf of any individual, something more than "salvation" takes place. When God saves any of us, He not only has our well-being in mind, but also His own glory. When God saves, He also desires His glory to dwell in our land. Perhaps God saves not only to bless us but to also make his honor and abundant riches known on earth. Almost like a witness to Himself in terms of who He is and who can be for those who would fear Him. I suspect He knows that when His glory is revealed on the earth others will come to see Him as He is and be inclined to fear Him too.

With a little bit of search or study, I found that there are several words that are used to describe God's salvation: deliverance, salvation, rescue, safety and welfare. When God delivers you or rescues you or brings you to safety or acts to ensure your welfare, in some way He is also working toward allowing His glory to fill the earth.

You could ask the question: does God bring salvation to any of us because He is primarily concerned with us experiencing Him as Savior? The answer I propose is no. He has our welfare in mind, along with our experience of His salvation, but He also desires to fill the earth with His glory. His glory fills the earth through the experience and knowledge of His salvation. It is not just for us; it is for many more to see.

I encourage you to read for yourself the passage. It is packed with ways in which God extends salvation, deliverance, rescue, safety and welfare toward people who fear Him.  You will also find (in verse 13) that the revelation of God's glory, particularly His righteousness, is said to make a pathway in which our footsteps can follow or walk. Beautiful imagery that can inspire our desire to observe the ways in which God reveals His salvation and glory.

For further digging (study), I encourage you to learn about the "sons of Korah"--who are identified as the writers of this Psalm. Learning about them and who their father was can add greater meaning to what is being presented in this passage.

For reflection, ask yourself:

  • in what ways can I know God better as I see Him deliver, save, rescue, bring to safety or seek the welfare of others?
  • How can I help others to see God's abundant riches revealed through the ways He is offering salvation to me?

Rejoice in His salvation, and may God use you as an instrument to help reveal His glory to others.