The Seen Savior

When we read about the birth of Christ in Luke chapter 2, we are quickly drawn to this particular verse: "Today, in the town of David, a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord."  This is where the Savior was announced.  This is where the prophecies of the Old Testament came true.  This was the news of all history.  It is of particular interest to note that the man of God, Simeon, states with utter confidence eight days later in Luke 2:30, "For my eyes have seen your salvation."  Simeon knew he was looking at the Savior.

This Jesus, whom we call Messiah (the Christ, which literally means 'the anointed one') is the Seen Salvation.  God prepared this for the sight of all people.  It is a Seen Salvation.  He is a Seen Savior, which is a light for Gentiles and for the glory of Israel.  So, the invisible God becomes a visible God-Man - Seen.  He is a Seen Savior who provides a Seen Salvation.  His foretelling in prophecy - Fulfilled and Seen.  His birth - Seen.  His identity confirmed by angels and shepherds and kings - Seen.  His life - Seen.  His ministry of truth and miracles - Seen.  His sacrificial death - Seen.  His resurrection power over death - Seen.  His ascension - Seen.  His glorious return - Imminent.  Soon.  To be seen.  This is our Seen Joy.  Praise Him our Wonderful Savior whom is Christ the LORD!  May we help others to SEE Him in us and through us.

Blessings for Christmas, my LFAC friends!
Thor Knutstad