How Can We Become People Who Empathize and Encourage Others?

I have never come across a resource that so clearly lays out sound actionables for developing empathy toward other people. If you are like me, you may find that we can empathize with others for a short time but after that a quiet voice tells us, “Come on, is it not time that they get over this or that?” Or, “What about me and my needs?". If you attend our church—Living Faith Alliance Church—this resource is a good supplement to the message Erik Howard, our church planter, shared this past Sunday. Seven Steps To Empathy will be worth your time. Unlike reading other blogs, this one may require you to spend a bit more time. A cup of coffee or tea may go along well with your reading. In this blog you will also find excellent video clips that illustrate the key points that Ken Sande is presenting. Ken is the director for the relational wisdom 360 ministry and is the former director for Peace Makers. Can I strongly encourage you to click here and invest in growing as a person who empathizes with others and thus generates encouragement?


Diego Cuartas