How Do I Deal With Shame From My Past?

What a great opportunity to deal with the reality of personal shame by having looked at the Cross during Easter. If your sense of shame still is lingering and it reaches back into your past, I recommend you listen to this video blog and consider the book "Shame Interrupted" by Ed Welch. Any tool that will help you understand the roots of that shame as well as how is it that Jesus addresses it in the most effective way is worth your time and resources. Here is a quote I want to put before you to "wet your appetite" for more liberating grace:

Here is the challenge. Your shame is about human relationships. What do other people think of you? Where can you fit in? Even now you could wonder, what does God have to do with this? The things God says are good, but they don't seem connected to the deeper issues. For example, if you are a public failure, it is good that parents or friends love you , but that love doesn't touch the rejection you experience. The love doesn't take away the failure. The acceptance of the King [Jesus], however, coupled with the knowledge of how to live before him, will diminish the power of shame. Other people might not yet recognize that your public failure has been replaced by kingdom humility and honor, so you still might hear a few mocking voices. But those voices can't reach as deep, and they certainly won't last. (page 148)

Click here to listen another thought the author of this book offers to us.