The Heart Of Approval

(By Thor Knutstad)

Sometimes we so desperately need each other's approval.  Unfortunately, fear and worry are so connected to how much we crave approval and how much we hate failure.  Whatever you think you need will always control you.  If you need love and acceptance and approval from others, they hold the keys to something very valuable to you.  You will live in fear that they might not deliver.  You will fear those who are the gatekeepers to the fulfillment of your needs.  This can control your heart, your conversations, your goals and even your relationships.

The opinions of other human beings are by far the scariest things on the planet.  Our formula for avoiding rejection deceives us into thinking that we can win the approval, the prestige or the love that we desire.  But God doesn't want us dominated by the opinions of other people.  His approval, by far, is all that we really need - and we have that in the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  You see, God the Father approves of the work His Son Jesus did - and that changed and changes everything.  God's approval reigns over me because of my Savior - not because of others and not because of my performance.  I can rest in this great truth. Praise Him.