Where Have You Seen Jesus?

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This week at LFAC, we’re embarking on a ‘week of prayer’ together. If you’ve been tracking with the prayer guide for each day this week, you know that we’ve been learning about what the Church is supposed to be all about, what our defining characteristics are supposed to be as God’s people. The Day 2 reading talked about how we, as the Church, are being sent on a mission by Jesus Himself, to proclaim the Good News of the Gospel.

There was a question included that I think is essential to consider and have an answer for if we’re going to be able to tell people about Jesus and His Gospel. The question said, “What have you seen of Jesus or what has Jesus done for you that would be good news to someone?”

That question is so important, because, if we have a firm grasp on the beauty of what Jesus has done in our lives, we can then look for other people who could use that same Good News and we can offer it to them. For example, my answer was that Jesus has done some deep healing in my heart in the area of my appearance: it’s taken many long years to come to believe that Jesus made me just the way I am in the way I look and that I’m beautiful. He’s also done some healing in the area of my identity, teaching me that I’m significant, that He likes the way I am, that He made me who I am on purpose. So just imagine, that as I combine identifying what Jesus has done for me and watching the people around me, I’ll bet I could see similar needs in other people. And how significant would it be for me to offer the Good News of Jesus’ healing in my life to someone else who feels what I’ve felt, that under all their smiles and attempts to cover up their real self, like they aren’t good enough, that they never measure up, that they hate the way they are? They need that same Good News that I’ve received.

So how about you?

I’d love to hear in the comment section ‘what you’ve seen of Jesus or what He’s done for you that would be good news to someone.’ Then let’s look together for those people that need to hear your good news…and let’s bring it to them!

 Sarah Howard

Sarah Howard