2016 Parent Summit Resources

Main Sessions 


                                          Brandon Early

                                         Brandon Early

Session 2 Slides

Milestone Breakout Sessions

Great session for new parents and parents new to LFA. Introduction to key rhythms to establish in your home for it to be a place where you raise Jesus followers. (Jonathan & Sarah Bates)

If you have a 2-5 year old in your life, come ready to dive into PRACTICAL ways that you can help children thrive at this age. (Caleb Howard, Seth and Stephanie Brown)

Preparing parents to partner with God in the spiritual birth process in their children’s life, where their child will begin a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. (Dave and Jayme Carter)

Parents preparing their children for changes that will be ahead in all areas of their lives, and to understand as teenagers what it looks like to embrace their identity in Christ. (Greg & Angie Hill)

Parents learning to lead their teenager to live a life-long commitment to Biblical purity. (Diana Hoffman)


Leading your teenager to a radical alignment with Jesus in dying to self, and living for His Kingdom and to demonstrate that through baptism. (Nate Howard)

Parents with their lives and instruction have the privilege of ushering their teen to live out God’s design for manhood and womanhood. (Selinette Bordoy)

Celebrating High School Graduation and preparing our youth with skills they will need as they leave home. (Frank Geremia)

Extra Breakout Sessions

What every parent should know while parenting a tech savvy teen or toddler. Apps, social outlets, and onramps to be aware of and how to realistically help navigate in those waters. (Brandon Early)


"Helping Kids Follow Directions" A session, full of practical tips, for adults who are tired of kids who don't listen. (Caleb Howard)



“What the Gospel Has to Say When I Feel Like I Don’t Measure Up as a Parent” If, despite your best efforts, you feel like a parenting failure, come to talk about how you’re not alone and you’re not without hope. (Sarah Howard)



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